Hacker from Romania spoke about the repeated hacking email Hillary Clinton

Imprisoned in Virginia the hacker from Romania Marcel Lehel Lazar under the pseudonym “Lucifer” said that he had repeatedly hacked the mail server of the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2013, reports Fox News.

“It was just, it was just for me and for anyone else,” he said.

Just, as said the broadcaster, on the mail server, Clinton was kept 2.2 thousand messages that are now considered confidential, and 22 of the message under the stamp “top secret”.

The hacker also said that he first hacked into the account of Sidney Blumenthal, assistant Clinton, and used the information to hack the mail server of Clinton.

Associated with email the Clinton scandal broke out when the state Department confirmed that it was during the tenure of Secretary of state was used for Affairs of state personal email and your own email server instead of the official government secure email address.

Clinton said that her server had no emails with sensitive data and soglasilas to publish the correspondence, however, with servers that have removed the letter that former Secretary of state called personal. The scandal became the reason for heated criticism from Republicans in Congress, who accuse it of violating the law.