“Massandra” has frozen the price of wine before entering the Kerch bridge

The cost for the products of “Massandra” will not change for two years, told TASS Director General of the plant Yanina Pavlenko.

“For two years the price of “Massandra” recorded”, — said Pavlenko. She noted that other market participants at the same time raising prices for their products.

Pavlenko explained that in the last two years, the price of the Crimean wines, including those produced by “Massandra” has grown because of the increasing cost of logistics. According to her, from the mainland to the Peninsula do bottle, cork, labels and caps. “Unfortunately, these products in the Crimea is not produced, although the plans of the authorities of the Republic Grand on this account: construction of a glass factory and so on and so forth,” said she.

Director General drew attention to the fact that in the current price of products of “Massandra” contain certain risks. According to her, in the near future “objective factors to the increased cost may be”. “But we hope as soon as they start the bridge across the Kerch Strait [the opening is scheduled for 18 December 2018], all the logistics should be cheaper. So I took myself for a period of two years”, — said Pavlenko.

In late April, the President of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers Leonid Popovich announced that for the first quarter of 2016, the cost of some categories of Russian wines has increased by 10-15%. According to him, he had expected such a rise will occur only at the end of the first half.

In late January, Popovich warned about the rise in price of Russian wines at 15-20% in 2016. He explained that including the increased cost of imported products, such as seedlings for vineyards, because of currency fluctuations. While Popovich has suggested that the rise in prices will occur smoothly throughout the year.