The Kremlin responded to the words of the commander of NATO about the threat of “resurgent Russia”

Russia does not pose a danger to other countries, but in the event of threats to its security will defend their interests. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the words of the new commander of the Combined armed forces (OVS) NATO in Europe, General Curtis, Scaparrotti. The day before he called on the Alliance to be ready to fight against a “resurgent Russia.”

“Resurgent Russia for anybody not a threat. Russia consistently advocates for mutually beneficial cooperation taking into account the interests of all partners for the complementary management of conflict situations”, — quoted Peskov “Interfax”.

The press Secretary stressed that Moscow cannot ignore the actions that “directly or potentially pose a threat to its national interests.” “And here the Russian side is traditionally to defend their interests,” concluded Sands.

As said yesterday, Scaperotti, NATO faces a “resurgent Russia that seeks to project itself as world power”. “To respond to these challenges, we must continue to maintain and improve our level of preparedness and mobility in the spirit to be able to fight today, if deterrence does not work”, — said the General, who succeeded as commander-in-chief of NATO in Europe Philip Bridlava.

Scaparotti, succeeded as General Philip Breedlove, who has repeatedly made harsh statements against Russia.