The media learned about the granting Rosneft the right to export gas to Europe

“Rosneft” and “Gazprom export” working on Agency contract to export gas to Europe, write “Izvestia”, citing an unnamed senior official of the government.

“The company will be granted the right to export, but export through a single channel. Now “Rosneft” and “Gazprom export” should prepare Agency agreement”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

The newspaper, citing another source familiar with the situation, reported that the gas supply contract will be concluded with BP, which is a shareholder of Rosneft with a share of 19.5%. Gas export will be through the gas pipeline “Interconnector”, connecting Britain and continental Europe, told the newspaper. According to “Izvestia”, we are talking about the volume from 5 billion to 25 billion cubic meters per year.

“Gazprom export” has not provided “news” of the operational review. In “Rosneft”, commenting on the information of the newspaper, noted that the company retains interest in pipeline gas export to Europe.

The representative of Ministry in conversation with the correspondent on Thursday declined to comment, explaining that the letters and decisions on this question are classified as “For official use”. Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev asked to comment on information “News” said: “we Have no such information”.

Currently, the right to export pipeline gas from Russia is only “Gazprom”. “Rosneft” repeatedly advocated the abolition of the monopoly “Gazprom” on export of pipeline gas. As told sources in “Rosneft” and “Gazprom” Igor Sechin in October 2015 sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with the request to allow Rosneft to export 7 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe without intermediaries for the sale BP. Mikhail Leontyev then said that a European buyer is willing to buy natural gas from Rosneft, if it will get the export permit. However, the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller in the letter to Putin said that additional volumes of Russian gas on the European market will worsen the position of “Gazprom export”.

The desire to obtain the right to export gas has also expressed NOVATEK. As wrote “sheets” in early March, the company discussed this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the disposal of the newspaper was a letter to energy Minister Alexander Novak, in which he stated that the Ministry of energy pursuant to the instructions of the head of state has considered the appeal of JSC NOVATEK for the supply of gas for export to Europe via Gazprom export” “preserving the principle of a single export channel”. Then the newspaper wrote that Novak invited Putin to support the proposal.

For his part, Mikhail Leontyev, commenting on this information, stated that NOVATEK has obtained the right, and asks” to allow him to export gas to Europe. “We’re all jealous, really. We don’t quite understand why we, the state-owned company and the largest producer of gas, and we are so diskriminiert”, — said the representative of “Rosneft”.

In late March, the source TASS reported that the Ministry of energy is preparing a new position on the next appeal of “Rosneft” with a request to allow her the export gas pipeline. Later, Novak said that the government was not in favour of destruction of export monopoly “Gazprom” and share of “Rosneft” and NOVATEK.

In mid-April, the energy Ministry announced plans by 30 April to prepare a reasoned response to the request of “Rosneft” on granting the right to export.

In turn, “Gazprom” were strongly opposed to granting rights to export Russian gas to Europe independent producers. In April, the Vice-President of Board “Gazprom” Valery Golubev noted that this will lead to competition among Russian suppliers, will not be profitable for Russia’s national interests.