The media learned about the plans to organize terrorist attacks on the action “Immortal regiment”

Law enforcement agencies check information about plans to commit acts of terrorism in Day of the Victory against participants of the action “Immortal regiment” after the arrest of a group of migrants from Tajikistan in Moscow. About this “Interfax” said an informed source.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in respect of the 12 detainees have not yet been prosecuted for terrorism, they are charged with illegal arms trafficking and infringement of life of law enforcement officer (article 222, and article 317 of the criminal code). However, according to the operative data, men actively communicated in social networks with their compatriots in Turkey and Syria. As said the source “Interfax”, the law enforcement authorities check the data on allegedly transferred by them to Moscow missions to carry out attacks in the action “Immortal regiment”.

After a thorough study of all materials will be solved a question on excitation of Affairs on the facts of terrorist activities, he added. Preliminary research of the withdrawn weapon suggests that it was brought from Ukraine. As stressed by “Interfax”, the Agency does not have official confirmation of this information.

On the eve of the Federal security service (FSB) announced the arrest of a “group of citizens of Central Asian countries, planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks”. It was noted that they seized “a large quantity of weapons, explosives and other means of terrorist activity”. The Department stated that the suspects acted “on the instructions of leaders of international terrorist organizations operating in Syria and Turkey.”

The night before the source of “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement agencies reported that the detainees were going to open fire on passers-by in places of mass festivities.

Informed source of “Interfax” reported that 12 migrants from Tajikistan, some of whom worked as janitors and part were unemployed, were detained by security forces in two locations.

Prior to this law enforcement source told the news Agency that Monday afternoon on the Shchelkovo highway special services have performed operation on detention of the native of Central Asia. The man resisted, he was shot in the leg and was hospitalized. When inspection of the scene found two Kalashnikov assault rifles. The same evening, security officers found seven trotyl blocks, briquettes of plastic explosives, grenade launcher, two grenades and two Kalashnikov assault rifles in the apartment on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt.