In Belgium appears beer pipeline

Brewery in the Belgian city of Bruges decided to create an underground pipeline, which allows to transport beverage without using cars, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Pipe length of 2 miles (3.22 km) is laid from the brewery De Halve Maan (“the Crescent”) in the city centre to the bottling facility. It is able to transport 1.5 thousand gallons (6819,14 liters) of beer per hour. The speed of the drink is about 19 km per hour.

The current owner of De Halve Maan Xavier Vanneste told the publication that one day woke up, looked out the window and saw the workers who were engaged in laying cable. Then it came the idea of the beer-pipe. “It all started as a joke. Nobody believed it will work,” he said.

The project took four years. According to the WSJ, prior to the end of laying the pipe in a few weeks.

The whole thing cost €4 million, and Vanneste managed to come up with an idea that allowed partially to raise money for this project: it is offered for a fee, for life, to provide customers with beer.

Brewer has developed three options — “gold”, “silver” and “bronze”. First, for example, was worth €7.5 thousand and assumes that the client will be provided daily 11-Unaway (0,33 liter) bottle of beer, the retail price of which — €1,7 and 18 “personalized glasses”.

However, according to the WSJ, pivotroot is not a new idea. In particular, in the Danish city of Randers there is a pipe under the street, which transportorul beer in bars. There are beer pipelines, which hold some of the tents, and at the annual Oktoberfest. In Cleveland (Ohio) also has a pipe of beer — it surpasses the beverage from the brewery to the bar which is on the same street.