In the market of media agencies was replaced by the leader

Meteoagentstvo OMD Optimum Media became the largest in Russia by the end of 2015. This is stated in the rating Adindex, which publishes “Kommersant”.

The company’s turnover made up of 17.07 billion rubles, and its main clients are: Henkel, McDonald’s, and PepsiCo. In this case Henkel, PepsiCo, and Renault, which uses the services of the Agency, last year’s cut advertising costs by 32, 27 and 14%, respectively. However, this decline compensated for the rising costs of other advertisers (all at OMD Optimum Media client 62).

This year, the Agency ousted from the first place the company Starcom (of 16.79 bn), which occupied the top spot since 2012. Its services are used by only 16 clients, the key of which is the company Procter & Gamble and reduced promotional activity by 12%.

Third place was taken by the Agency Media Instinct with a turnover of 14.36 billion rubles of Its key partners has also reduced activity in the advertising market: Mitsubishi Motors to 37%, and Ferrero (17%). This is partly kompensiruet increase in the budgets of manufacturer-H. J. Heinz sauces (12%) and pharmaceutical company “Materia Medica” (25%).

The rating Adindex, as reported on the website of the project is derived from the rating of the largest advertisers, which in turn is based on data of research companies TNS Russia and “ESPAR-the Analyst”. Its at the end of 2015, headed by Procter & Gamble (4.6 billion rubles). Second place was taken by mobile operator MTS (4.4 billion RUB), and the third — the pharmaceutical company Novartis (4,37 billion rubles).