In the work of the App Store there has been a global failure

Users of social networking Thursday, may 5, reported about failure in finding in the App Store. Among the applications that no longer shows up in search, online store, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram messengers, Skype and Facebook Messenger. Are not many applications of Russian companies, such as services for booking of tickets Aviasales and OneTwoTrip, social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”. The application disappeared from the App Store: they are available for download using the page with the ratings of the most popular apps, updates are already installed user services are working.

Reports of problem appear on Twitter from around the world. “Something strange is happening with the search in the App Store,” writes user @_kyleyamamoto from the United States. About the same error reported by users from the UK, Australia, Spain. A resident of Germany writes that the search is not working since yesterday.

Later, Apple confirmed the existence of problems in the App Store, they affected all users of the application store, says the company. According to Apple, the service is correctly started to work about 12:00 Moscow time. What is the error and when it will be fixed, Apple said.

Crashing truly global. In the United States through the App Store search also cannot find the app Instagram and many others, said the technical Director of Bookmate Ilya Mikheev, adding that the app his company is also gone from the SERPs. The problem really is, says the representative of “Classmates” Anastasia zhbanova. According to her, crashing noticed today and we are talking not only about Russia but also about other countries. “The problem is on Apple’s side we have sent a request, not yet received a response,” said zhbanova.

Representative Aviasales is also aware of the crashing — he hopes that the issue will be resolved when California will start the working day, because “now there’s three in the morning”. The company noticed the error about 11:30 Moscow time, says Director of mobile development Aviasales Ivan Kozlov. “Either it’s just a mistake, or something is brewing. There’s nothing we can do. Just sit and wait,” he says. App OneTwoTrip, like many others, has completely disappeared from the SERPs, confirmed Director of mobile marketing of the company Dmitry Vdovin. In his opinion, the problem is related to “errors when updating the search algorithms”. Vdovin believes that Apple is working on a solution to this problem, “and soon we will see a corrected update.

In Russia inaccessible to search proved and applications to mobile operators — to access the personal account of subscribers or, for example, applications for watching TV and movies. “We are now preparing an appeal to Apple on this issue”, — said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. In “the Megaphone” also know about the problem, said company representative Julia Dorokhin.

Representatives of Apple and Facebook have not yet responded to queries .