On elections of the mayor of London the leader was the son of a bus driver from Pakistan

The victory on elections of the mayor of London after treatment, 90% of the ballots wins the candidate of the labour party Sadik Khan. He scored 44% of votes, but to avoid second round he needs 50%, reports The Guardian.

In case of victory of Sadiq Khan, the son of immigrants from Pakistan, the bus driver, will be the first Muslim who will be the mayor of the British capital. The competition he is conservative Zac goldsmith, son of billionaire James goldsmith, who received while the support 35%.

On the official website of the elections it is noted that after counting 90% of the votes, the information is not updated until the announcement of the final results. The Guardian says that the voting results will be announced tonight.

The position of mayor of greater London was established in 2000. In 2008 it was held by labour’s Ken Livingstone, then — Tory MP Boris Johnson.

The powers of the mayor is responsible for transport, policing and the environment, housing and urban planning. He is accountable to the London Assembly — the city Parliament, consisting of 25 people.

The Guardian drew attention to the fact that in a number of foreign media pays too much attention to the religion of the labour candidates in mayors, which, for example, news aggregator The Drudge Report called “the first mayor of Londonistan”. The Guardian notes that 40% of the population of greater London were born outside the UK, and the number of Muslims in the British capital reaches generally 12% and over 30% in some boroughs (districts).

Sadiq Khan is a lawyer by training. He graduated from the University of North London. Sadiq Khan is the member of the British Parliament from the London district of Tooting, where he was born. In the labour government of Gordon brown took up the post of Minister of communities and local government, and then Minister of transport. In the labour shadow Cabinet, he was Minister of transport, the Lord Chancellor/Minister of justice and Minister for London.

Zac goldsmith represents London’s Richmond Park. He was expelled from Eton after being in his room the dope, and graduated at Cambridge boarding house for senior classes. Goldsmith has not received higher education and started working as a chief editor of the magazine the Ecologist, which was presented to him by his uncle Edward goldsmith. Later he made a political career by taking part in the environmental movement, affiliated with the Conservative party.