Organizer leakage “Panamanian archive” asked for guarantees of protection

An anonymous source who submitted the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung materials Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, made a statement in which he explained the reasons for his decision — the letter on Friday appeared on the website of the German edition and the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), which conducted an investigation of the global schemes to avoid taxes through offshore companies. Süddeutsche Zeitung confirmed the authenticity of sent to her under the title “the Revolution will be digitized” letters.

The main motive of its decision to transfer “Panamanian archive” in the press the source, known as John DOE, called the desire to overcome income inequality and to bring to justice corrupt officials. “Income inequality is one of the defining hallmarks of our time” — says the author of the letter. Documents Mossack Fonseca, he said, showed “all the injustice” on which rests the work of the companies registered offshore, and the inaction of governments that allow the creation of such companies in “tax havens”. Moreover, Mossack Fonseca used his influence in order to write and rewrite laws around the world to for decades to protect the interests of criminals.”

He says how about a man who does not work for either one government or the intelligence services, either directly or as a contractor. The decision to refer the files in the media was not dictated by any political motives, just an informant “sufficiently acquainted with its contents, to understand the scale of the violations, which it describes”.

The author of the leak at the same time noticed that a number of leading media outlets (their names he does not mention), as well as Wikileaks missed the opportunity to access them stolen documents. In his opinion, “thanks “to the Panamanian archive” unable to start thousands of lawsuits if law enforcement agencies will have access and will be able to evaluate original documents. “I decided to shed light [on the activities] Mossack & Fonseca, because I think that its founders, employees and customers should be responsible for their part in crimes, only some of which was made public,” writes the author.

Just transfer the base from 11.5 million documents to the tax authorities of different countries the source is not going. He endorsed the decision not to disclose the ICIJ documents. “But I would like to cooperate with law enforcement authorities to the extent to which it will be possible for me,” says John DOE.

In exchange for the cooperation he wants guarantees of judicial immunity. “Acting within the law, the whistleblowers who reveal the unconditional abuse, whether they are insiders or external agents, deserve immunity from government prosecution,” said the author of the leak. He points out that other informants were the victims of persecution: documents revealing the national security Agency Edward Snowden “trapped” in Moscow, the author of the leak of the Swiss Bank UBS, Bradley Birkenfeld, though, and received an award from U.S. tax authorities in the amount of $100 million, was still sentenced to real prison time, and the organizer of publications on tax incentives Luxembourg Antoine Deltur currently on trial in the Luxembourg court.

In addition to this proposal, the author of the leak appeals to all governments with an initiative to ban the creation of offshore companies and also to oblige all commercial firms to disclose complete information on real beneficial owners.

Materials based on released John DOE documents were published by ICIJ and cooperating editions 3 APR. They mentioned the schemes of withdrawing funds and tax evasion, which allegedly involved dozens of politicians, businessmen and stars of sport and show business. In particular, they talked about a scheme to create offshore companies, recorded a personal friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin cellist Sergei Roldugin, who, as he came to the conclusion ICIJ, accumulated on accounts of $2 billion in the Kremlin, Informed the publication “the Panama archive” called information spreading, as well as attack personally on Putin.