Pilot Yaroshenko refused further appeals in the us courts

Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving in an American prison term for the plans for the transportation of large quantities of cocaine, will no longer appeal his case, in particular, he has no plans to appeal to the Supreme court of the United States. The corresponding statement he Yaroshenko gave to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“After the court, despite ample evidence of my innocence, torture, kidnapping, decides to lock me up for 20 years, nobody in the US will not go against himself. To hope that the Supreme court will make a legal decision on my case, is useless,” — said Yaroshenko.

The pilot said that he no longer believes “in the integrity and legitimacy of American justice”. “That’s why I refuse to further litigation, appeals”, — he explained.

Yaroshenko also recalled the statement of the Federal U.S. judges Shira scheindlin, who was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment of the Russian citizen Viktor bout. After his retirement, she said that this period is excessive and inappropriate. “I gave him the most lenient sentence that he could,” said Sheindlin. In turn, Yaroshenko said that after her words “around the world, it became clear that the case of convicted persons in the USA Russians are politically motivated”.

That pilot refused the right to appeal the verdict in his case, appeals court in new York, said TASS and his lawyer Aleksey Tarasov. He added that the appeal period has expired on Wednesday. While Tarasov was not able to confirm the words of his client to refuse to file a complaint in the Supreme court of the United States. “We will discuss it, the time [for appeal] is still more than two months”, — said the lawyer. “I have no official notice of the fact that Yaroshenko disclaims all legal protection or, more specifically, from my services,” he added.

The mother of the pilot Lyubov Yaroshenko told “Izvestia” that supports his decision to give up the fight in court: “He is not a Guinea pig to another 2-3 years to wait for the decision of the Supreme court, which is predetermined. I believe in the power of our state and the leadership of the country, which will be able to get my son”. She added that it plans to ask President Vladimir Putin to return her son to Russia “by any means”.

Yaroshenko was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2011. The pilot was found guilty of conspiracy to import into the United States large quantities of drugs. According to investigators, Yaroshenko arrived in Liberia and agreed to carry from Venezuela to the US through Africa a few tons of cocaine. For this, he allegedly was to receive $4.5 million Yaroshenko was arrested in Liberia.

Moscow called the sentence the pilot politicized. A year ago, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of kidnapping Yaroshenko in Liberia by US secret services. His persons involved were 11 employees of Management on struggle against drugs of the justice Department and four employees of the security service of Liberia.

In may 2015, the new York court refused to hold a new trial in the case of Yaroshenko. In April 2016, the retrial was denied, the court of appeal in the United States. He found no merit in the arguments of the Russians on the basis of which his lawyers asked to review the decision of the first instance.

At the end of March, “Interfax” with reference to informed sources reported that Yaroshenko joined the list of Russians, which Moscow wants to exchange for the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko. According to the Agency, Russia fought on this occasion the consultation, “including through confidential channels”. However, within the US, such an opportunity was denied.