The government will try to confiscate the dividends of state-owned companies 450 billion rubles.

The Russian government decided to mobilize revenues from state-owned companies and expects to receive about 450 billion rubles in the form of dividends and income on deposits. About it writes on Friday the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to participants of the government meeting. This information newspaper confirmed a senior official and a representative of the Ministry of Finance.

The reason for the mobilization, according to interlocutors of the edition, is more severe than previously assumed, the budget situation of the country. The Ministry of Finance of the newspaper explained that, in order to meet the budget deficit of 3% of GDP, it is necessary to obtain from state-owned companies about 300 billion RUB in addition to 140 billion, and accounted for in the budget act.

According to the government order, signed on 18 April, the state-owned companies will have to direct for payment of dividends following the results of last year, at least 50% of the profits.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance told the newspaper that the exception for state-owned companies should not be. He added that the hard approach to dividends, the government will rack up 440 billion rubles However, according to the calculations of “sheets”, even in this case, you will be able to collect no more than 259 billion rubles.

The publication notes that some guidelines on dividends has already been signed. So, according to the Directive, signed by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, from Rosneftegaz, the state will receive 36 billion roubles Dividends from Gazprom will be 67 billion, the company, or 151 billion roubles IFRS.

From “Transneft” in case of payment of 50% of the dividends, a state may to 55.9 billion rubles, from Bashneft — 14,6 billion roubles, RusHydro — RUB 10.5 billion On these state-owned companies directives yet, the newspaper said.