The head of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic replied to the call Kadyrov to resign

The head of the Supreme court of Chechnya, Magomed Karataev expressed hope that the acting head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, earlier called on him to resign, change his mind, when “truth will be revealed”. According to Karatayev, Kadyrov’s “misled,” to leave his post, the chief justice is not going.

“He [Ramzan Kadyrov] heartily expressed their emotions, let’s hope that the truth will be revealed when he will change his opinion. I do not guess, and sure, it’s an order, certain people are working to discredit the leadership of the Supreme court,” said Karataev “Russian news service” (part of the project Life).

He said that before, a year and a half ago, already had a case.” “Then, everything will also fall into place like a year and a half ago. There a bit other situation was, but tried to mislead”, — said Karataev. According to him, Kadyrov, when I learned about this, “reacted with courage and dignity”. “I still admire, this time, I hope the same will happen,” said the judge.

On the eve of the acting head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has published in his Instagram message in which he spoke about the proposal to the President of the Supreme court of the Republic of Magomed Karataev and three judges to resign. According to Kadyrov, they should, “if they have a concept of honor and professional ethics, to write a statement and voluntarily leave his post”. “I am confident that this will be the right decision in their life,” — concluded Kadyrov.

He explained that he had addressed with such proposals to the judges during a meeting with members of the Supreme court and Federal district judges, which were given the examples related to the tightening of terms of consideration of criminal cases on the merits”. Took place and “an egregious example, when located in the Federal wanted list member of illegal armed groups court decision declared “missing persons”, said Kadyrov.

By law, the decision on termination of powers of judges adopts the qualification Board of judges. For termination status at his own request, the judge must apply personally to the qualification Collegium of judges (vkks). To stop his powers against his wishes, the law allows only in the framework of disciplinary proceedings.