The wife of the head of the office of the Prosecutor General’s office has earned more than anyone in the office

The leadership of the Prosecutor General (GP) reported on their income for 2015. As follows from the Declaration posted on the website of the Supervisory authority, among the employees of GP and members of their families earned the wife of Sahak Karapetyan, who is also Chairman of the Department of international legal cooperation. She indicated an income of almost 43 million rubles.

Compared to 2014, its earnings declined by 2.9 mln RUB it owns two land plots with a total area of 1189 sq. m, two houses (213,5 sq. m and 38 sq. m) and a garage as well as share in the amount of one third in the other three areas (total area sq. m 11926) and in three non-residential premises (sq. m 11729,5). It goes on the car Mercedes-Benz G 280.

Her husband, who in December 2015, predicted the appointment to the post of Deputy Prosecutor General, earned last year, about 3.5 million rubles In property is the apartment with an area of 118.4 sq. m.

On the second place by revenues in the state office of public Prosecutor is the chief Manager of Department Sergey Sergeev. He indicated income in the amount of 19,2 million roubles In the ownership of the only apartment with an area of 105.4 sq. m. compared to 2014 earnings Sergeeva has grown six-fold. At the same time from Declaration of disappeared land (1500 sq m), residential building (212,1 sqm) and a garage.

Sergeev headed the management Department of the Prosecutor General in January 2015. In this position, he was replaced by Alexei Staroverova, who left the post in connection with the investigation of the “gang GTA”.

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika has earned almost 8.8 million RUB. the property had no property, all facilities — apartment plomat 203,6 sq m and two Parking spaces are in use. The attorney General goes on the car GAZ-13. His wife was listed as income of 7.6 million rubles.

Chaika’s Deputy Alexander Buksman declared that 4.9 million RUB Similar income pointed and his colleagues: Gennady Lopatin — 4,1 million rubles, Nikolai Vinnichenko — 4.1 million rubles., Sabir Kekhlerov — 4.2 million rubles, Viktor grin — 4.2 million rubles, Yury Ponomarev — 6.8 million rubles, Alexander Gutan — 7.4 million rubles, Sergey Vorobiev — 4.2 million rubles, Yuri Gulyagin — 6.2 million rubles, Sergei Zaitsev — 4.3 million rubles., Victor Malinovsky — 4.2 million rubles, Ivan Sydoruk — 5.5 million rubles, Ivan Semchishin — 7,1 mln. Sergei Fridinsky is 5.5 million rubles.