Trump has offered to restructure the U.S. debt

Billionaire Donald trump, candidate for nomination as the candidate from Republican party on presidential election proposed to restructure the public debt of the United States. In an interview with CNBC, the politician said that the U.S. could reduce payments to creditors, if the us economy can not sustain these payments.

Asked the host Andrew Ross is he confident that the United States, “should pay one hundred cents on the dollar”, or think that in fact “there are ways to revisit this debt,” trump replied in the affirmative.

According to trump, the United States is now unable to afford the debt burden because the government has the ability to pay very low interest on taken loans. He recalled that the US national debt is $ 19 trillion and will probably exceed 21 trillion. “It’s just shocking figures,” said trump.

“What happens if we increase the payments? If the rate will rise by 2, 3, 5 percentage points, we simply will not of the country,” said trump. According to him, increasing even by one percentage point will become the country a “catastrophe” and then have to negotiate softer terms of payment.

In response to clarifying questions of the presenter about whether he meant the renegotiation of existing contracts on government bonds, trump said he did not want to revise them.

“But I think that it is possible to carry out the discounting, I think, you know, depending on what interest rates are, in my opinion, you can perebegaet [government bonds],” said the billionaire.

Trump said that, as a businessman, has extensive experience in debt restructuring. “I’m the king of the debt. I love the debt. I love to play with him,” said the billionaire. However, the billionaire has admitted that the situation with which he will face, if you take the post of President, will differ from the commercial developer.

“In the case of the country we are in a different situation. Now we are talking about something very fragile, something we need to be very careful,” said trump.