More than a third of Russians said change for the worse is not associated with Putin

The proportion of Russians willing to associate with the activities of President Vladimir Putin only change for the better, and the deterioration of environmental situation is not dependent on the head of the state reasons, was 38%. This is evidenced by polling data of public opinion Foundation.

In the survey, respondents answered the question: “do you think the most serious changes in the country, as, for better or for worse, are happening thanks to Putin or force beyond the control of reason?”.

About 4% of respondents felt that changes for the worse happen thanks to the President, and for the better — through no fault of his reasons. In 2013, these responses were 9%.

Another 16% felt that the President is not affected by any change for the better or the deterioration of the situation (in 2013 the figure was 19%).

According to 26% of the respondents of all the changes — both positive and negative — occur due to the activities of the President. Their share over the past three years fell by 3 percentage points.

The greatest growth showed the proportion of Russians who are ready to communicate with the President only a positive change, a change for the worse is attributed to the independent from Putin reasons. If in 2013, so said 23% of respondents, in 2016 — already 38%.

The survey was conducted 2 may 2016 in 53 subjects of the Russian Federation. It was attended by 1,500 respondents from 104 settlements.