Obama warned about the care of the arms deals of $9 billion in Russia and Europe

A group of us senators warned the administration of US President Barack Obama that too long consideration of contracts for the supply of military aircraft countries of the Middle East can lead to the fact that it will not American, European or Russian manufacturers of military equipment, writes The Wall Street Journal. The estimated contract value is $9 billion.

We are talking about the delivery of F-16s of Lockheed Martin Corporation and the F-15 and F/A-18 production of Boeing in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Washington to delay the contract because of objections by Israel, which fears that the aircraft can eventually be used against him.

However, Republican senators John McCain and Bob Corker and Democrats Jack reed and Claire McCaskill felt that the cancellation will strike a blow to American manufacturers. “We understand that these requests should be examined closely, however, the final decision thereon is deferred too long,” they wrote in an appeal to the Obama administration. Variance requests will not prevent these countries to buy fighter jets from foreign suppliers, including, possibly, Russia”, — said the senators.

“America should not lose the opportunity to expand its sphere of influence in the middle East, to provide its industrial dominance and must not yield to their rivals or enemies,” said they.