Poroshenko told about the open door to Europe for Ukraine Mazepa

According to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Hetman Ivan Mazepa, whose monument may 7, was opened in Poltava, has become “a real symbol of Ukrainian resistance to Russia” and “the flag of the movement for Ukraine’s independence” (quoted by 112.ua). Speaking at the opening ceremony of the monument, Poroshenko stressed that the personality of Mazepa should be assessed only in the “Ukrainian system of coordinates and also European”.

“Let’s not forget: even when Peter was cutting for Russia a window to Europe, Ukraine Mazepa went to Europe through the door,” said the President of Ukraine.

He stressed that Ukraine honors its heroes” and more will never allow “the expansion of Soviet-Russian Imperial ideology in the Ukrainian space.

“This is not the “Russian world”, here — “Ukrainsky Svit”, — said Poroshenko (quoted by 112.ua).

According to the Ukrainian leader “is a Russian anathema Ivan Mazepa should be a true Ukrainian glory”. Poroshenko also called “restore historical truth” and to keep “a significant component of identity.”

Opening of the monument to Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa took place in Poltava on 7 may. The monument was erected in the Cathedral square. In addition to the opening ceremony of President Poroshenko was also attended by Patriarch Filaret of Kiev.

Ivan Mazepa — Hetman of Zaporozhian army on both banks of the Dnieper Ivan Mazepa, who, during the great Northern war took the side of Swedish king Charles XII. In 1709, Peter I of Mazepa award was in one instance made a five-kilogram order of Judah.