Tbilisi responded to criticism of the doctrines of Georgia and the United States.

The statement of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia States that Georgia is a sovereign and independent state and has the right to conduct exercises on its territory together with any partner.

“It should be noted that the maneuvers are not directed against any country. Similar military exercises in Georgia passed last year. Thanks to these exercises, Georgia has strengthened its cooperation with partners in the field of military training and education, which is important for strengthening of defensibility of the country”, — reads the statement of the Georgian foreign Ministry.

The Minister stressed that the preservation of stability in the region is primarily in the interests of Georgia. “We have repeatedly stated that we advocate the peaceful resolution of all conflicts on the territory of Georgia and in the region as a whole”, — said in a statement dipvedomstva.

The day before, on may 6, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a comment about the joint exercises of the Georgian and US Partner Noble 2016. The report said that Moscow views “as the sequence “development” NATO military Georgian territory as a provocative step, aimed at the conscious rocking the military-political situation in the Transcaucasian region”.

“To a large extent this contributes to the blatant pandering by Washington and its allies revanchist aspirations of Tbilisi,” — said in a statement the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Ministry also referred to the statements of the Chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili that “part of the territory of the country is occupied, the mission of Georgian armed forces remains unfulfilled”, and that Georgia counts on the help of partners of the countries participating in NATO. “I would like to understand what is meant by these statements? By the way, they were made on 4 may — same day as when American tanks were unloaded in the port of Poti [Georgia],” — said in a statement Russian dipvedomstva.

The first exercises were held in the Noble Partner of Georgia in may 2015. According to the Ministry of defence of Georgia, this year the training will last from 11 to 26 may — independence Day of Georgia. They will be attended by 1.3 thousand servicemen, including U.S. 650, 150 and 500 British Georgian military-contractors. The scientists plan to use several American military transport aircraft C-130, tanks M1A2 Abrams and infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bredley.

On 5 may it became known that the American heavy machinery that will take part in the exercises, arrived in Georgia.