Canada followed the US and the EU decided to lift sanctions against Belarus

“Foreign Affairs Canada will initiate regulatory proceedings on the question of removal of Belarus from the Territorial list of controlled [the list of countries for export to which all goods require authorization from the Ministry of international trade of Canada], for removal from it of sanctions, which were imposed on 14 December 2006”, — is spoken in the statement published on the website of the government of Canada.

In the message text says that the measures taken in response to recent positive developments in Belarus” and “consistent with actions taken by the United States and the European Union in October 2015.”

“This statement [about the beginning of the process of lifting the sanctions] reflects recognition by Canada of the fact that the government of Belarus has made progress in key areas in recent months, including the release of political prisoners and the holding of presidential elections in October 2015, which showed a greater adherence to international norms, and were not marked by violence and intimidation seen in past elections,” – said in a statement.

In addition, Canada also recognizes the constructive role of Belarus in the Minsk negotiations on Ukraine in September 2014 and February 2015.

“Canada will continue to monitor the situation in Belarus and will cooperate with the government of Belarus to improve human rights, democratic standards and norms, as well as respect for the rights of civil society”, — stated in the message.

Canada imposed unilateral economic sanctions against Belarus in December 2006. The canadian side explained its decision by a desire to exert pressure on the leadership of the country in which regularly violate human rights and civil liberties.

In October last year, the United States partially lifted sanctions against some Belarusian companies. American firms were allowed to conduct transactions with them.

Later, the EU lifted the sanctions imposed on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and 169 officials. Since they dropped the ban on entry into the European Union countries and financial sanctions. Sanctions were also taken against three companies.