Kadyrov told about the plans of Saudi Arabia to invest in Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov has discussed with the Deputy crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed al-Khatib by the Saudi investment Fund and business projects on the territory of Chechnya. As reported in his Instagram Kadyrov, al-Khatib became acquainted with the proposals of the government of the Republic and considers them attractive.

The guest stated that he had instructed the Deputy crown Prince to promote actual start of participation of Saudi firms in investing in major projects in Chechnya”, — said Kadyrov.

According to him, the representative of Saudi Arabia stated that the working group will “work closely with the government of Chechnya”.

Kadyrov noted that among the projects that interest Riyadh — ski resort “Veduchi”, multifunctional complex “Akhmat tower”, as well as the international training centre of the special forces.

“Ahmed al-Khatib is confident that the Centre can play a greater role in training specialists for counterterrorism, including fighters and Arab countries including KSA”, — said Kadyrov.

Earlier, in January of this year, Kadyrov told about the agreement about the investment company Mazkorp of UAE. He argued that the company intends to take equity participation in the construction of a pharmaceutical cluster “Magnus-terrible” and “to make certain investments in the construction of the multifunctional high-rise complex “Akhmat tower”. In addition, Mazkorp planned to open in Chechnya an Islamic Bank.