The former head of intelligence in Britain told about the threats of withdrawal from the EU

If the Kingdom in a referendum in June will vote for secession from the EU, this will make it more vulnerable to terrorists. About the Sunday Times said the former head of the foreign intelligence service МІ6 John Sawyers and former head of the security service МІ5 Jonathan Evans.

They both warned that the EU “will lead to instability on the continent”, and will exacerbate current problems associated with economic hardship, migration crisis and a resurgent Russia.”

According to them, the country’s withdrawal from the European Union could weaken the exchange of operational information between the UK and neighbouring countries. “Fighting terrorism is a team game, and the EU is the best Foundation for this. No country can succeed [in fighting terrorism] alone,” said the scouts.

Sawyers and Evans also noted that their concerns about the forthcoming referendum has already gone beyond the security of the UK. They believe that leaving the EU one of the major European military powers could unsettle the entire Union.

“In our opinion, there is a real danger that such instability may eventually lead to a separation of the EU and the return of instability to the continent,” said they.