During the action “Immortal regiment” in Kiev was sprayed with tear gas

In the column of participants of the action “Immortal regiment” in the center of Kiev was sprayed with tear gas, reports “Left coast”. According to the publication, to the participants of “Immortal regiment”, which gathered more than hundreds, joined the supporters of the leader of the Progressive socialist party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko and gonfalon — representatives of Pro-Russian religious-political organization.

The marchers came to the Park of Glory, where they began to push the police. During a small scuffle with the law enforcers, the supporters of Vitrenko was sprayed with tear gas. Later there was a fight, but there were no casualties. Police managed to dissolve the conflicting, the newspaper notes.

According to “112 Ukraine”, a fight during the action “Immortal regiment” took place in Kiev after one of the participants noticed one of the women of St. George’s ribbon and asked her to remove. The police brought the man out of the crowd to avoid further conflict.

Later, according to the newspaper, the Park of Eternal glory began skirmishing. Near the memorial there were people with St. George ribbons and prohibited the Communist symbols, as well as people with red and black symbols that were not given to people with ribbons and Communist symbols to lay flowers to the Eternal flame.

In addition, a group of radicals attacked the participants of the peace March on may 9, in Slavyansk, Donetsk region of Ukraine. This was announced by MP of the faction “Opposition bloc Nataliya Korolevska, who participated in the event. According to her, the attackers scattered in the direction of the marchers flour and spilled the green paint. On the air “112 Ukraine” the Royal said that Zelenka was not only on her but on veterans. The Deputy noted that the police pushed the attackers.

Clashes during a flower-laying to the Glory Memorial took place also in Odessa.