On parade in Moscow first showed the s-400 and the newest transport aircraft

During the parade on red square in Moscow first showed the newest antiaircraft missile system With-400 “Triumph”, as well as transport aircraft Il-76MD 90A.

Opened the mechanized column of the parade medium tank of WWII — T-34. Behind him rode the upgraded armored vehicles “Tiger” combat modules “Crossbow” and “Kornet-e”, BTR-82A, armored vehicles of higher protection “Typhoon” and “Typhoon-U”, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles on a promising platform “Kurganets”.

Then on the pavement drove tanks T-90 and T-14 on a unified platform “Armata”, which were first shown at the parade in 2015. Behind them were 152-mm self-propelled howitzers “Msta-S” missile complex “Iskander”, the armored personnel carriers “Rakushka”, airborne combat vehicle BMD-4, mobile ground missile complex “YARS”. Ended the parade of military equipment travel wheeled infantry fighting vehicles on a promising unified platform “boomerang”.

The next and final part of the parade was the air. In the sky over the capital rose 71 aircraft, including helicopters Mi-28N “Night hunter” and for the first time for the parade of the Mi-35 helicopters. Over Moscow flew the MiG-29 SMT, a long-range interceptor MiG-31BM and a pair of multifunctional fighters su-35S. The novelty of the parade was the latest military transport aircraft Il-76MD90A, with 2015 coming into service Air and space forces (VKS) Russia.

In addition, over the capital flew lifting tried and tested freighter An-124-100 “Ruslan”, as well as causing strikes on terrorist targets in Syria turboprop strategic bombers Tu-95MS bombers and Sukhoi su-23M and su-34.

The su-24M bombers, took part in a military operation in Syria, also flew during the Victory Parade over the center of Yekaterinburg, TASS reported. Told in the press service of the Central military district, on 17 March the aircraft returned from an air base Hamim on a military airfield shagol in the Chelyabinsk region.