Brand of cigarettes “prima” was named the most counterfeited in Russia

In the first quarter of this year cigarettes “prima” was the most popular brand among the counterfeit goods, its share of total counterfeit is 44%. Such data are contained in the report “TNS Russia”, prepared by the order of “BAT Russia” (Kent), Philip Morris (Bond Street, Marlboro), JTI (Winston, Sobranie) and Imperial Tobacco Group (Davidoff), reports “Kommersant”.

A year ago from similar studies on illegal tobacco market, it followed that the proportion of counterfeits of the brand “prima” was 2%. Mark conceded and Winston Bond Street, their share in counterfeit goods was 9%. A recent study by TNS was the first time the leader among the forgeries was not an expensive international brand cigarettes.

“The rise in prices of tobacco products due to the nature of the excise structure has caused consumers to look for cheaper deals on the legal and shadow markets”, — explained the Vice-President of JTI, corporate Affairs and communications Sergey Kiselev.

Last year, the ad valorem part of excise duty (we are talking about protsentr from retail prices) increased from 8.5% to 11%, says “Kommersant”. It has a greater impact on products from the lower price segment.

From the TNS report that representatives of the company found an illegal “Take” at a price of RUB 25-38 per pack. As the cost of legal cigarettes brand was made in 2013. This year the maximum retail prices on “Accept” from different manufacturers range from 50 to 74 RUB per pack, that is, buyers of counterfeit goods save in two times.

It noted in one of the tobacco companies, intensifying competition in the low price segment, including in the illegal sector, is a consequence of declining purchasing power. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, this led to the fact that Russia started the production of illegal cigarettes without excise stamps.

“This share could be cigarettes small tobacco factories, which were produced for the Russian market and for export, but in the end either remained in Russia or illegal returning from abroad”, — explained the newspaper’s source.

In the first quarter, the total share of illegal products on the Russian tobacco market in the first quarter as a whole was 1.1%. This is 0.2 percent below the level of last year. Thus, for example, in PMI, this difference is considered an error and stated that the situation with the shadow tobacco market has not changed.

In “BATH Russia” noted that in the study of TNS in their study did not take into account the situation in Crimea. Private company data shows that the share of counterfeit goods for the first quarter rose to 3% from 2.5% last year.

In mid-April, the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Maxim Shingarkin has introduced a bill to increase excise taxes on tobacco almost three times by 2018. As follows from the calculations of the author of the document, this can lead to an increase in the average cost of a pack from 95 to 178 RUB.