Goldman Sachs called the fair rate of the ruble

“We still think there’s potential in the Russian ruble,” — said in an interview with Bloomberg strategist at Goldman Sachs Kamakshya Trivedi.

In his opinion, fair is the dollar below 60 rubles For comparison: on Thursday, the Russian currency was trading at 66 rubles per dollar.

Trivedi said that the rating “reflects the current account of Russia and a gradual recovery in the terms of trade”.

According to the annual Goldman Sachs forecast the dollar will amount to RUB 62, while the 45 surveyed by Bloomberg economists predict it at 69 RUB

The annual Goldman Sachs forecast the price of Brent crude oil is $62 a barrel, said Trivedi.

Previously surveyed by Bloomberg 35 economists predicted that the ruble since the beginning of the year strengthened by 14%, by mid-year, could lose more than half of won positions. Analysts concur that by the middle of 2016, the Russian currency could fall by 8% to 70 rubles per dollar. They attributed this to the limit is reached, the increase in oil prices.