In Brazil, the Senate will continue the process of impeachment of President Rousseff

The acting speaker of the lower house of the Brazilian Parliament, Valdir Marengo on Monday, may 9, stopped the process of impeachment of President Rousseff. Explaining his decision, Marano cited procedural violations and called for a re-vote on impeachment.

On the same day the head of the Senate Renan Calheiros said that he rejected the decision of Maranga, reports Reuters.

According to Calarosa, the vote in the Senate on the question of the trial of Rousseff goes as it was planned.

It is expected that this week the Senate will vote on the question of fault Dilma Rousseff in violation of the budget legislation. If senators deems that she is guilty, the powers Rousseff will be immediately suspended for up to six months, and the proceedings against her will continue.

The impeachment procedure was started by the former speaker of the house in December 2015. April 18 for the impeachment voted by the majority of deputies of the lower house of the Brazilian Parliament. Itself Rousseff called the decision a coup attempt.

Dilma Rousseff is accused of violating tax laws and the manipulation of the state budget during her election campaign in 2014. Simultaneously, in 2014 in Brazil is an investigation into government corruption in Petrobras. This scandal involved political allies of Rousseff. She herself was accused of negligence, because in 2003-2010-x years she chaired the Board of Directors of Petrobras.

Under the anti-corruption case, charges were filed 97 suspect. In early March police arrested former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Later he was charged in the case of money laundering.