In the Pentagon came threats from Russia and China in space

In the Pentagon believe that Russia and China are developing capabilities to attack the United States in space. About it writes The Washington Post, referring to working in the office of officials.

According to the newspaper, the Agency fear that its military satellites can become easy prey in conditions when Russia and China have developed technology that can destroy the defence infrastructure of the United States in space. The commander of the Strategic command of the United States Cecil Haney said that the comic access technologies already have North Korea, Iran and some Islamic organizations. “We have to understand that despite our efforts, the future conflict can start or expand in space,” said Haney.

About the threat from Moscow and Beijing speak in other departments. So, the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for issues of arms control Frank rose during last speech declared concern about “with the development of China-Russia anti-satellite weapons”. Thus, according to him, in Washington seek to prevent the spread of conflict in space. “In a possible space conflict is not in anyone’s interest”, — said rose.

“Every military operation that occurs today in the world, is critically dependent on space, in one form or another — said John Hyten, commander of military space forces of the United States. — Is it clear for our citizens in the fullest dependence on space or not, the rest of the world is very closely watching us.”