Major insurance companies have reduced prices for hull

Major insurance companies have reduced prices for hull

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Experts of the insurance group “URALSIB” has analyzed how different rates of hull on popular domestic and foreign brand cars for drivers in three groups: a 20-year-old drivers with no experience, 35 years with experience of 15 years, 55-year-old with driving experience 30 years. Experts examined the data of the eight largest in terms of fees, hull insurance companies in 12 cities of Russia. The study shows data on the reduction of the insurance rate in more than a year (from January 2015 to March 2016).

Leaders on reduction of rates were Moscow, St. Petersburg and Orenburg. Tariffs for CASCO there decreased on average by 13-17%. Less fortunate car owners in Tyumen, Perm and Kemerovo, in these regions, the policies fell by 5-9%.

Most of all — by 22.2%, hull insurance cheaper for young drivers without the experience of Moscow, which insure foreign cars of an average price segment (from 800 thousand up to 1.3 million rubles.). Previous year for this category of drivers insurance has risen by 52% (Russia’s average — 58%). The least rate decreased for drivers with ten years of experience from Tyumen, strahovacek the same cars (1.3%).

From January 2015 to March 2016 the average rates of hull insurance for young drivers declined by 13% for drivers with experience — 10%, follows from data “URALSIB”. While inexperienced motorists are paying an average of 3.2 times more for insurance than experienced drivers with experience of 30 years.

Despite the decline in the cost of hull insurance, insurance rates have not returned to pre-crisis level. Last year’s study SG “URALSIB” has shown that in 2014 tariffs CASCO in average increased by 40% due to a sharp weakening of the ruble, which has made spare parts and repairs more expensive. In 2015 due to the gradual strengthening of the ruble, the company has revised the tariffs. “The shock of the sharp rise of the dollar gradually passes away. But the rates hull still remained higher than in pre-crisis period, because the price of the repair still more by 15-20% than they were at the end of 2014”, — said the head of Department of property insurance and auto insurance SG “URALSIB” Maria autograph.

The difference in the calculations

The lowest insurance rate is valid for 55-year-old owners of expensive cars (worth more than 1.3 million rubles.) with experience more than 30 years in Tyumen 5.2% from car cost. However, for this category of car owners, the company has established the lowest insurance rate in all cities (average 6%). Experienced drivers of Russian cars in the average pay 6.2% of the cost of the machine for the hull, and the owners of foreign cars of an average price segment of 6.9%.

The highest insurance rate — 33.2 per cent — in effect for the inexperienced drivers cheap cars in Kazan. In other cities, for this category of car owners, comprehensive insurance is also expensive — the rate is 28.1% of the cost of the machine. In General, the rates of hull insurance for young and inexperienced drivers have the highest.

For owners of the same machine rate in different cities may be different. For example, the experienced driver of the Lada at a cost of 300 thousand rubles in St. Petersburg will have to pay for comprehensive insurance with full risk cover 23,4 thousand roubles (rate of 7.8%), and in Tyumen almost 7 thousand and 16.5 thousand rubles (the rate of 5.5%). The loss ratio of the insurance company in the regions of the country varies considerably, and therefore different rates, says the head of underwriting for motor insurance SK “the Consent” Andrey Kovalev.

The cost of insurance in different cities depends on the “mentality of driving”, the cost of repairs, activity of fraud, as well as how often the come insurance cases and the case of theft, lists head of underwriting “Alfa insurance” Alexander Soloviev.

In all cities different style of driving, says autograph from “URALSIB”. “In large cities due to high traffic the average speed of the motorist is not very high, so there are more frequent minor accidents. In cities where is not very busy traffic, the risk of an accident is lower, but the average size of the damages may be higher than in big cities,” she explains. In addition, insurance companies take into account climatic conditions in the locality. For example, in the Northern regions of the accidents happen more often due to the fact that during the long winter slippery slopes. Many insurers monitor the quality of the road surface when calculating the fare, since in regions with bad roads increasing risk of accidents, puts autograph.

The same car in different region can be assessed in different ways, says Director of retail business “Ingosstrakh” Vitaly Knyaginichev and gives an example: Ford Focus for Moscow is rather cheap car that is in demand among novice drivers; however, in many regions, where incomes are lower, the same car goes into the category of a higher class. In the second case, the profile of the client is estimated as more “safe” from the point of view of insurance risks, so the rate is lower, adds Knyaginichev.