Prices for salmon in Russia will rise by a third due to the pestilence of fish in Chile

Prices for salmon in Russia may soon grow by one-third due to mass death of salmon in the Republic of Chile, whose share accounts for half of deliveries, writes the newspaper “Vedomosti”, which interviewed retailers and suppliers.

President of the Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters Alexander Fomin believes that the growth of prices in the Russian market due to the situation in Chile is strong. According to him, with a possible increase in the price of Chilean salmon in Russia by 50% on average prices may increase by 30%. Producers from the Faroe Islands have limited additions to production, and Russian companies in 2015 had outbreaks, he explains.

According to the representative of the company “Russian aquaculture” Ilya Bereznuk, since the beginning of the mass death of salmon in Chile, the purchase price for Russian distributors increased by $1.5 to $7 per kilogram.

The representative of the retail network “Lenta” told the publication that they have already received notices from suppliers with a proposal to raise prices of Chilean salmon. The representative of the Metro Cash & Carry Oksana Tokarev has told, that currently have not noticed a significant price increase, but admitted that the salmon price will rise if the situation in Chile did not improve.

Metro Cash & Carry and Lenta, according to the newspaper, and rely on Russian suppliers, this “Tape” will increase the purchases of chum salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon and white fish from the Far East. Trading network “Victoria” has decided to reallocate some orders to manufacturers of chilled salmon from the Faroe Islands, said Catherine Kumanin, the representative of the network “Diksi” owning “Victoria”.

The Financial Times reported on may 5 that the price of Chilean salmon increased by 50% due to the mass death of fish. National service of fisheries and agriculture of Chile reported that the local livestock salmon decreased by the end of March on 25 million units. The Zamora caused a bloom of poisonous algae, which was caused by the displacement of warm surface water in the Equatorial zone to the coast of South America. In April the Chilean salmon rose from us $3.5 to us $5.4 per pound. As noted by the newspaper, world production of salmon may be reduced this year by 10%, and the prices Norwegian manufacturers have risen to a record 60 kronor ($7,35) per kilogram.

Losses for aquaculture industry of Chile, which is already loaded with debt, can range from $500 million to 1 billion, as many companies have not been immune from the effects of algal blooms.