Tashkent has launched an investigation into GM Uzbekistan for export to Russia

The Uzbek authorities are investigating against the company GM Uzbekistan, part-owned by U.S. automaker General Motors, in connection with a loss incurred by the Russian business of the company. About this Reuters said the Director of Department of marketing of the Russian representation Ravon (brand GM Uzbekistan), Elena Kuznetsova.

According to her, the investigation in relation to aimed at the Russian market Ravon is due to the fact that the Russian distributor was not able to repay your debt.

Kuznetsova said that the Russian distributor had in March this year to pay for the delivered to Russia in 2015 cars, however, due to losses caused by the devaluation of the ruble, has not made money in the period and could no longer obtain credit from banks.

The amount of the debt Kuznetsova said. She also could not confirm that the ex-CEO of GM Uzbekistan tokhirjon Jalilov was arrested as part of the investigation.

GM Uzbekistan refused to comment on the Reuters investigation, saying only that Jalilov left the company in April. The Prosecutor General’s office of Uzbekistan and the national security Service of the country told the Agency that are not involved in the investigation. The interior Ministry of Uzbekistan and General Motors declined to comment. Jalilov of the comments was not available, according to Reuters.

3 may “Ozodlik” (the Uzbek edition of radio “Liberty”) reported that Jalilov who drove GM Uzbekistan since 2010, was arrested on charges of embezzling money of the company by fraud. This information publication confirmed the source in joint-stock company “Uzavtosanoat” which said that Dzhalilov “earned a lot of money by creating criminal scheme associated with the car brand Ravon, which were to be exported to Russia.”

“On papers it was written that these machines are “exported” to Russia, and actually drove them in the sump in the Kazakh city of Shymkent. And after these cars secretly re-exported back and sold in Uzbekistan,” — said the source “Ozodlik”.

On may 4, a source close to the leadership of the GM Uzbekistan, has told “Ozodlik” that after the arrest Jalilova the automaker is continuing “serious examination” and in addition to the CEO, which, according to the source, is now in jail of the national security Service of Uzbekistan arrested at least ten people, including the son of Jalilova.