The decrease in profit of banks did not prevent their managers to increase revenues

In 2015, the key managers of the top ten banks, according to statements IFRS earned 15.3 billion RUB, which is 10.2% more than in 2014. The profit of these banks decreased by more than half, to 148,6 billion rubles.

A significant part of the income of key managers amount to bonuses for the year they are paid, usually in the previous year. In 2014, the profits of the top ten banks also fell twice.

The only Bank of the top 10, whose profit following the results of 2014 increased, while almost half (up to 53 billion roubles), Alfa Bank. “The magnitude of the bonus is directly tied to the financial performance of the Bank. In addition, when calculating the total amount of remuneration also takes into account payments in the context of ongoing Bank long-term incentive programs”, — explained the press service of Alfa-Bank.

Banks (the banking group) top 10 by size of assets on April 1, 2016: Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, “FC Opening”, Rosselkhozbank, Alfa-Bank, UniCredit Bank, Moscow credit Bank (ICB), Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisenbank.

By almost half, to 1.8 billion rubles, and increased the remuneration of key personnel of Gazprombank, although the Bank two years in a row unprofitable. Gazprombank to increase the remuneration of the leadership is leading in absolute terms: revenues of key managers grew by RUB 828 million

By a decline in net profit in 2014 increased payments to key managers in the PSB, “FC Opening” and VTB. Thus a press-service VTB said that the remuneration of the members of the management Board of VTB results 2015 fell four times, to 399 million rubles. “It is connected with reduction of profit of VTB in 2014 under IFRS”, — said the press service of the Bank.

As to the reduction of income, quite substantially, by almost 50%, decreased payments to top managers of the ICD. “The Supervisory Board of ICB has decided not to pay bonuses to Board members regardless of financial performance and invest in further business development”, — said the press service of the ICD.

Loss-making agricultural Bank reduced the income of key personnel by 25%.

Among key managers, as a rule, consists of members of the Supervisory Board (Board of Directors), Board members, chief accountants. However, accounting rules are different from banks. So, Sberbank, as reported by his press service, in accordance with IFRS refers to the key managers of the Board; VTB member of the Supervisory Board, Board members, audit Committee members and managers of affiliated companies; the agricultural Bank member of the Supervisory Board, members of the management Board and chief accountant; Promsvyazbank member of the Supervisory Board and management Board members; Alfa-Bank senior management, as well as highly qualified experts ICD — members of the Supervisory Board (ten people) and the management Board (eight members).