The elections will help the Russians to return the overpayment on utilities

“Fair Russia” in the election year going in most regions of the open protection Centres of the rights of citizens. This know-how socialist-revolutionaries who, according to interlocutors in party leadership, will become the main ridge of their election campaign to the state Duma.

Now the country has more than 60 centres, mainly in regional capitals, and by the end of the year the socialist-revolutionaries are planning to increase that number to 75, said the head of the electoral headquarters of the party, Alexander Burkov. In the near future the centers will open in Krasnodar, Samara and Kursk.

“Formula of happiness”

Socialist-revolutionaries have relied on the centers for immediate legal assistance to people with problems in the housing sector, said the Deputy of the state Duma, one of leaders of the socialist-revolutionaries in Moscow Alexander Ageev. “Housing is a sore subject. Now the crisis and the officials began to shift the levies from big business onto the shoulders of citizens. But the people themselves have no time to study the legislation, understand. And we began to plead with management companies and TSZH and to return home overpayment for several years — sometimes several tens of millions of rubles”, — explains the essence of the project Ageev.

In one centre, five to ten people. To open one center need about a month — so much time is spent on training employees of the centers. “It’s the lawyers and specialists on reception of citizens and journalists,” says Burke. Outside the sphere of housing and communal services, the centres help to resolve labor disputes and local conflicts in the areas of education and health. “We give specific step-by-step instructions on how to legally protect their rights,” Burke says. These instructions Burkov calls “formulas of happiness”, they are published on a special website of the centers and in the party newspaper “House Council”.

For 2015, according to Burkova, 11 of the currently open centers in different articles returned addressed to them people about 1 billion rubles.

The cost of the technology

The work one center in Moscow costs a month about 2.5 million rubles, according to a source close to the party leadership. However, he said, “the price tag on different regions is different.” “Last year, the salary of an employee of the center was about 50 thousand rubles, — he continues — but now the centers more, so the salary was lowered to 33-35 thousand rubles.”

On average, one center spent 1,5-2 million rubles. per month, follows from the words of the interlocutors in the party. From this calculation, if the socialist-revolutionaries will open one centre in each region for a year, it will take 1,5-2 billion rubles.

All costs takes over the party, Burke says. He declined to say how much the project costs of the party, saying that “this is a commercial secret. According to him, the centres employ a lot of volunteers, and the money mostly goes to rent and bond.

According to data published on the CEC website, in 2015 at the expense of the “Fair Russia” received 989,9 mln. RUB., and at the end of the year on the balance of the party remained 70.8 million RUB.

On the eve of elections of the state Duma, the leadership of the party offers their candidates to open centers in their regions and replicate this technology, bearing all the costs and becoming the person center, said a source close to the party leadership. But it is, according to the interlocutor, does not oblige candidates to do it, because then the process of opening centers falters. At the moment only the selected candidates agreed to work.

After the election centers are closed, promises Burke. But the number is constantly present there employees is likely to decrease, says his party colleague.

Will the election

Formally the socialist-revolutionaries argue that the project is not an election. According to Burkov, the first centre was opened in 2014, the Foundation was the project “Fair housing”, which was launched by him in 2010 in the Sverdlovsk region. “In Yekaterinburg in 2013 we returned more than 300 million rubles. overpayment from management companies. And [the party leader Sergei] Mironov insisted to expand the project and to extend it to other areas of life,” recalls Burke.

In 2015, the centers were opened in 11 regions, where they were to pass elections in regional parliaments, says a source close to the party leadership. “In the Ryazan region in last year’s elections of the regional Duma, the overall result in the region was 8.6% with a starting rating of 4%. In district No. 15, where he worked as the center, the party won 24.5 per cent”, he gave as an example.

According to the latest polls, on the first places in importance for the Russians are the problems of the economy, low wages, unemployment. High prices for utilities concerned about 2% of the respondents.

A large part of the programme of the party of socialist-revolutionaries, called the “new socialism” dedicated to the social and economic policy. The socialist-revolutionaries, in the last Duma election supported the protest movement, now only criticize the government but not personally by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin’s active support.

According to the same sociological service, a rating of “Fair Russia” the national average is 6.2%, this is the last place among the parliamentary parties.

On this technology the socialist-revolutionaries can earn 10-15% on election, predicts a political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov. “They do not shape their ideology, and doing it on purpose. Instead, they want to become the left party of real Affairs” — says Kuznetsov.

Technology free legal aid is not new, but effective, believes political analyst Boris Makarenko. “Traditionally, legal aid was provided in reception parties or deputies, there is nothing new. Any politician knows that the main thing — to provide voter sympathy, and when he got to the center, people will see the symbols of the party, the portrait Mironov. But to measure how it will improve the rating of the party, it is impossible,” — says Makarenko.

However, the centers of the SRS are already criticized because of the low qualification of the lawyers, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. According to him, the idea is good, but requires serious investment and a lot of work.

Know-how of the Duma parties

The liberal democratic party beginning with the election year in the country sends “train aid”. From February to the regions of Russia drove three propaganda train (the third should return to Moscow in early June) with the state Duma deputies from the liberal democratic party. At each station the deputies-curators of the region, “personally communicate with people, collecting orders and requests,” the lawyers are deploying mobile reception, which is collected through complaints, according to the website of the party. “It turns out many operational legal assistance: consultation, preparation of documents, recommendations on how to act in this situation. More complex issues are dealt with by the deputies, and the most difficult cases will be transferred to Moscow personally to Vladimir Zhirinovsky,” — said in the message.

“United Russia” holds a compulsory procedure party’s vote for the selection of candidates. Primaries will be held across the country on may 22. On the eve of the primaries the voters meet with voters. For them it is mandatory to participate in the debates in the regions of extension, launched in early April. “The main thing that always did and emphasizes our party is personal meetings with the citizens,” — told RIA Novosti Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov.

According to Kalachev, the primaries of “United Russia” successfully solve the problem on increase of recognition of their candidates: in particular, this is facilitated by the posting of leaflets with information about the participants in the primaries on a secure notice Board at the entrances of houses.

The election to the Communists again launched the campaign videos on his YouTube channel “Communist TV.” In a satirical video criticizing the Prime Minister, high prices, low minimum wages, corruption scandals, yachts officials, etc. “Enough to feed Kansas and Texas! To save agriculture! The protection of traditional values!”, — it is told in the movie “10 theses Zyuganov”.