Turkey has refused to open a case against a suspect in the murder of the pilot of the su-24

Çelik, who fought on the side supported by Turkey and Turkomans against the government troops of Syria, was detained in late March in Izmir. According to his lawyer, under arrest, the Prosecutor asked Celik and his possible involvement in the death of a Russian pilot.

“Having considered the evidence in favor of this version against it, the Prosecutor decided that no grounds for prosecution”, said Reuters lawyer rebel Murat Ustundag. However, he added, çelik still in custody in the case of illegal possession of weapons.

The Agency was unable to obtain comment from the representative of the Prosecutor in the court of Izmir.

Informed that the Prosecutor’s office of Izmir withdrew charges against Celik, reported the Daily Sabah newspaper, citing sources in the security services. According to the newspaper, the Supervisory authority took the decision after studying video evidence.

Çelik was detained on March 31 during a police RAID. The reason for it was an anonymous call complaining of people sitting in the restaurant with a gun. Law enforcement officers found the group, which included çelik, a Kalashnikov rifle, two radios, six pistols and 150 rounds. Thus then the death of the pilot of the su-24 was not the reason for the detention.

Celik was charged on several counts, including fraud. And in early April he was arrested along with six associates. The court took into account the fact that in 2014 çelik escaped from prison, where he was to spend 2.5 years for numerous offences.

Before the arrest çelik claimed responsibility for the murder of Russians lies on it. He noted that the pilot was killed by his subordinates and said that he regretted the incident. According to Celik, he ordered the Russians to take prisoner and not shoot at him.

A Russian bomber was shot down on 24 November, near the border of Turkey with Syria. Pilot Oleg Peshkov died, his colleague Konstantin Murakhtin managed to survive. Ankara claims that the su-24 has broken air space of Turkey. However, the Russian defense Ministry refuted the claim, stressing that the aircraft was over Syrian territory, where he carried out anti-terrorist mission. The incident was the cause of the worsening relations between Ankara and Moscow, in particular after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey.