Anastasia Stotskaya was excluded from the jury on “the Eurovision”

Member of the jury of the contest “Eurovision” from Russia expelled from the judges and the results of voting cancelled. This was reported in Facebook the European broadcasting Union (EBU). The reason for this decision was a video of the rehearsal of the first semifinal of “Eurovision” made last night.

The stream in the service Periscope led the jury member Anastasia Stotskaya. On the recording you can hear Stotsky, among others, members of the jury commented on the work of the participants of the song contest. In particular, after watching the movie representative of Armenia she says: “And my husband is Armenian, I am in favor of Armenians.”

In the message of the EBU States that the Union held talks with the Russian broadcaster RTR, which proposed to withdraw Stotsky from the jury. EBU does not consider its broadcast of a violation of the principle of secrecy of judicial voting, but believes that the actions of this member of the jury can prejudice the contest, as there is a risk of accidental disclosure of the voting results. In the organization said that the situation turned for advice to consulting company PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

As stated in the EBU, the voice Stotsky invalidated. Four Russian judges will remain on the jury. And to the final of the competition on may 14 Russia is allowed to provide a replacement Stotsky.

RTR apologized EBU partners from Armenia and the Netherlands.

The first semifinal of “Eurovision” will be held in Stockholm on Tuesday night. Russia in the competition is singer Sergey Lazarev.

After the decision of the EBU Stotsky said “RIA Novosti” that I’m glad she was not injured Lazarev. “I am very worried about him, that he could be disqualified due to my stupidity, and now I am relieved and glad that it did not affect sanctions. It’s not about me, but about Sergei from Russia. I’m rooting for him, he deserves first place,” she said.

“Eurovision” international song contest, in 2016 it will be held in 61 times. In this year’s competition, which takes place in Stockholm, will be attended by 42 countries. The finals will be held may 14. The representative of Russia has won the Eurovision once — in 2008 the first place in the contest went to singer Dima Bilan.