Audi dealers warned about upcoming price increases

Audi dealers warned about upcoming price increases

Audi may 30 and raises prices on the whole range of an average of 6%. This importer has notified dealers in a letter on 10 may (a copy of the letter is available to and confirmed by three employees of the companies-dealers). The representative of Audi has confirmed the upcoming adjustment, adding that she “planned”. According to General Director of “Audi Center Varshavka” Roman Prikhodko, the prices in shops will rise closer to August when it will be sold out current stock dealers.

Rising prices will vary depending on the model and engine. For example, the most popular model of Audi in Russia — SUV Q7 — will rise on average by 9%, and the largest hike. Now the price of the model starts from RUB 3.8 million, respectively, expected to be at 341,6 thousand RUB According to preliminary data of statistics of the Association of European businesses (AEB), in January—April, Russia had sold 1.7 million Q7. This is almost 2.5 times more than in the same period last year.

The second most popular model — the Q3 — will rise on average by 7%. Now it costs 1.8 million rubles., the price will increase to 125,7 thousand RUB According to AEB, in January—April 2016 was sold 1 thousand cars of this model. One and a half times less than in the same period last year.

7%, also more expensive A7, A6. 6% increase the price of the A8, R8 and TT. 5% more expensive Q5 and A1. Prices on the A5 will increase by 2%.

In January—April, Audi sales in Russia decreased by 14.8% to 7 thousand cars. The entire market during the same period decreased by 15.4% to 436,8 thousand cars. That is, Audi had 1.6% of the cars sold.

Audi, like other importers, adjusting prices to progressively minimize losses from the devaluation of the ruble, says CEO “Avtostat” Sergei Udalov.

Latest Audi raises prices this year after BMW and Mercedes. BMW raised prices on the entire lineup by an average of 5% in February, reported the company. Mercedes in April raised the prices on two models — coupe and CLA, the CLA Shooting Brake wagon — from 6 to 9% depending on the configuration, wrote “AUTOSTAT”. Mercedes four months of 2016 sold 13 thousand cars — by 15.4% lower than a year earlier, BMW 9.7 thousand units (-5.8 o%).

According to Prikhodko, the expected price growth will spur demand for the brand, but by the fall he may fall again. Owner GK “Transtekhservis” (the Audi dealer), Vyacheslav Zubarev also believes that the announced price increase will spur the sales of the brand, but not for long. Udalov does not expect a mass outflow of clients from Audi.