Cameron blurted out about “the fantastically corrupt” countries

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron in conversation with Queen Elizabeth II called Nigeria and Afghanistan among the most corrupt countries in the world” ahead of the visit both the leaders of these countries for the upcoming anti-corruption summit, held in London on 11 and 12 may. The statement was photographed by journalists on camera and shown on the TV channel ITN, Reuters reports.

“This morning we had a very successful Cabinet meeting where she spoke about the upcoming anti — corruption summit,” said Cameron approached him Queen. “We will be Nigerians. In fact, in Britain there will arrive leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries,” reported Cameron. “Nigeria and Afghanistan – perhaps one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” he added.

Queen to review Cameron did not answer. However, standing next to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in turn, noted that “the presidents specifically, do not corrupt”.

Reuters notes that it is unknown whether knew Cameron, making the announcement that the cameras record it.

The Telegraph adds that perhaps Cameron deliberately made such a statement, to do additional advertising summit. The representative of Downing street, in turn, noted that there were several TV cameras and the Prime Minister knew that he was shot, the newspaper writes.