“Kaspersky lab” will begin investing in startups around the world

That one of Russia’s largest technology companies plans to invest in start-UPS worldwide, said the head of investment and innovation, “Kaspersky Lab” Vartan Minasyan. Search, selection and follow-up work with young projects has been allocated in 2015 within the company’s investment division, he said. The final decision about investing in a particular project will take an investment Committee composed of employees of “Kaspersky Lab”. So far the company has not engaged in investments in startups, acquired or wholly or completely to third-party businesses, noted Minasyan.

The total budget, which “Kaspersky Lab” will provide for investments in startups, the company does not release. Minasyan said that there are no restrictions on the number of invested projects: “plan to Invest on an ongoing basis,” he said. The size of trenches will be determined individually: a single project can count on an amount from $50 thousand to $1 million in exchange for a share in the company. Geographical boundaries in “Kaspersky Lab” is not put: startups can be based anywhere in the world.

In “Kaspersky Lab” are primarily interested in investments in seed stage projects — when you already have a working prototype, the team was formed, but yet it is not the business. The greatest interest of the company are projects that will help solve the problems of mobile and cloud security, to explore the possibilities and vulnerabilities of the Internet of things, to ensure the physical security (the system of identification of terrorists, the access system in the home or office, security system, etc.), analyze features of machine behavior, as well as to explore new adaptive technologies for cyber security.

In addition to financial support “Kaspersky Lab” will provide future portfolio projects access to their own technology and accumulated expertise, will help in the promotion in the global market. “Kaspersky lab” sells anti-virus solutions individual users, but also offers solutions on cyber security for legal entities: the company’s products are used users in 200 countries and offices in 32 countries. By the end of 2015, the revenue of “Kaspersky Lab” was $619 million, which is 9% lower than a year earlier. The main income of the company bring the countries of Europe, USA and Canada.

Such step can be regarded as “support their own growth and competitiveness”, says head of digital content Department, J’son & Partners Consulting Robert Meliksetyan. “If the company is successful in its segment and it appears the available funds, then the most logical is investing in start-UPS or the purchase of other technology companies with interesting solutions and products. Those and other IT giants are actively engaged,” says Meliksetyan. According to him, in both cases, the company may obtain access to new technologies, products, ideas and talents that will allow it to respond faster to changes in the market, “close” emerging new trends and to strengthen its position in these segments.

Investment in startups in Russia since 2006, engaged in another technology company — Microsoft. It provides free access to their technologies, cloud hosting Windows Azure and the app store. Grants from the Microsoft seed Fund in the amount of $1.5 million in Russia has received 49 startups. The company has also allocated resources for the sum more than 6 million rubles on a cloud platform (Microsoft Azure) that has opened the access to this platform), in the BizSpark program, which helps develop young business and promote the development of the market.

In February 2016, it became known that corporate investment Fund creates media holding “Gazprom-Media” — Gazprom Media Ventures. He can start investing in 2016. Gazprom Media Ventures will not invest in any projects, and will promote the company on its promotional capacities in exchange for a percentage of the revenue model (media for revenue share) or a share in the business (media for equity), was told by the head of GPM Technologies” Vadim Fedotov. In the first case, to Fund interesting projects in the field of electronic Commerce, in the second — a technology company with a turnover of $1 million a year, he said.

About the beginning of the work of his Foundation in April 2016 announced AFK “System”. The volume of the Fund is 10 billion rubles. Unit, Sistema will invest in okolovenoznoe and financial services, advertising technology, media, platform solutions SaaS/PaaS (software & platform as a service), online trade platforms and the services in the field of communications and entertainment users, including online games, wrote “Kommersant”.