Luzhkov advised the government to take a fresh look at the teachings of Marx

The former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has assessed the situation in the real sector of the Russian economy as critical and said that the current government is not capable of leading the economy from krizisa. He told about it in interview to Agency “Interfax”.

“We are all confused: in fact, the country was involved in a game of money, tied himself to the world prices for oil, which now depends entirely on. The real economy in those conditions, especially with such a rigorous mode of lending, can not exist,” — said Luzhkov. “Abstracting from the Communist dogma, we still need to take a fresh look at the teachings of Karl Marx, this outstanding economist. It set out the law of the land States that the basis for state activity in any economy is the real sector, and money is only the superstructure,” said former Moscow mayor.

In his opinion “the Cabinet is not engaged in the real economy and science,” which in turn “deprives the country of the prospects of establishing new types of equipment, electronics, new types of products”.

Luzhkov believes that not only agricultural production, he has now, but also machine building, electronics, chemistry and other industries is unable to provide a rate of return, which “is able to cover interest rate Bank loan.”

“This is a critical situation, and the Cabinet of Ministers did not seem able to cope with the difficulties encountered in the economy,” — concluded Luzhkov.

Luzhkov was Moscow mayor for 18 years. The current Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who was then President, sent Luzhkov in September 2010. The mayor was dismissed with the formulation “in connection with loss of trust”.

Commenting on the events of six years ago in an interview to “Interfax”, Luzhkov said that he believes a decision on its far-fetched. “Then the President, knowing my position in relation to it, has adopted far-fetched and unfounded the decision freed me from office,” he said, adding that now it is satisfied with what he does. “I am actively engaged in business, and for a person who is facing 80 years, that’s fine,” — said Luzhkov.

After the resignation of Luzhkov was engaged in agriculture in the Kaliningrad region. His diversified company “Private stud farm “weeder” is engaged in cultivation and processing of buckwheat, as well as a revival of the famous Romanov sheep breed. In addition, in the framework of import substitution the company planned to engage in the production of cheese.