The court refused to prosecute the ideologist of “demonstrations”

The Kastrychnitski district court of Novosibirsk on Wednesday, may 11, dismissed the administrative case of the ideologist of the annual may day March “Monstration” of hudojnika Artem Loskutov on violations in public campaigns. This itself Loskutov said in his Twitter.

“The proceedings against Artem Loskutov A. stop because of the lack of offense,” said judge Maya Rutkevich, quoted by “Interfax”.

“Monstration”, which was first held in Novosibirsk in 2004, is a procession in which participants are trying to draw attention to social or political issues through absurdist or ironic statements or banners. In 2016 the event was attended by about 2 thousand people.

Loskutov was arrested after the “Demonstrations” on may 1, 2016 by operatives of the Main Department for combating extremism of the interior Ministry of Russia (Center “e”). 6 may the Central district court of Novosibirsk has recognized Loskutova guilty of organizing unauthorized marches: he was fined 20 thousand rubles Detained and fined Loskutov, despite the fact that his action was coordinated by the authorities of Novosibirsk this year “Monstration” was held as part of the ongoing municipality “Selectia”.

After the trial on may 6, Loskutov was detained again. The artist was taken to the police station where he was charged under article 20.2 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation (the sanction — till 15 days of arrest) for “organizing an inconsistent rally on the steps of the GPNTB (State public scientific-technical library, Novosibirsk) — where the participants of the “Demonstrations” were gathered after the procession, to make a total picture. It is the case in the end, Loskutova justified. Besides, as rags said on his Twitter feed, the judge ruled that the submission to the Prosecutor of the need to eliminate violations in drawing up the Protocol on administrative offense.