The developer of World of Tanks began to receive more than 50% of revenue outside the CIS

That China is the third largest market in terms of revenue that Wargaming brings its games, the company’s founder-developer, Victor Kislyi said in an interview . CIS countries, which since the appearance of the game World of Tanks in 2010 brought the company a large part of the total income, at the end of 2015 amounted to “less than half” due to the fall of the ruble, said Sour. In second place in terms of revenue is from Europe, where among the players most Germans and poles, he added. The third position is China.

Sour did not disclose the company’s revenue, stating only that it is a “few hundred million dollars” a year. According to Bloomberg in 2015, the revenue of the developer of World of Tanks made $590 million

In China Wargaming began to negotiate before the release of World of Tanks in Russia, said the founder of the company. According to Chinese law, any game developer should work through a local publisher, but the game itself needs to obtain a special license. Partner and publisher Wargaming games in China in 2010 was the company KongZhong: now the developer of World of Tanks belong to 10% of its shares.

“There is the concept of “right of first refusal”: when it became clear that the “tanks” good chances of success in China, we have already prepared the “aircraft” and “ships”. Any publisher wants to have the right to be the first to see the next game developer. KongZhong gave us a number of options that we had to buy,” said Kislyi in an interview.

When entering the Chinese market Wargaming had to make changes in the World of Tanks: in China it is impossible to release the game with Soviet symbols — instead of the Soviet flag in the game used only the part with the star. In addition, at the request of the Chinese partners Wargaming put into the game “gold” tank for $400. A feature of the Chinese players — the desire “to show the bling,” explains Acidic.

“Success in Russian-speaking region was obvious, but turn on, you never know. Therefore, we 2010-2011 flew around the world and found ways to launch the game in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia,” says Sour. This strategy allowed the company “to go beyond the Russian-speaking world” and now “to stand on their own feet, despite the difficult situation in the last 12-15 months,” says the founder of Wargaming.

Russian and other companies to succeed in China is not easy, said the head of digital content Department of J’son & Partners Consulting Robert Meliksetyan. There is a whole range of reasons why this is so: the complicated legislation up to the peculiar tastes of the audience, he said. Very important is the correct localization, adaptation of the product with the involvement of Chinese experts, says Meliksetyan. Have Mail.Ru Group noticeable success on Chinese market yet, he added. “If you talk about IT-market in General, according to our data, in addition to Wargaming, the success achieved there “Kaspersky Lab”, — said the expert.

The company, which was later renamed Wargaming, Victor Kislyi founded in 1998. Its first office was located in an apartment in Minsk Sour — he and his brother Eugene had moved into one room, the second was released for work. Prior to the launch of World of Tanks, the company released the game DBA Online, Massive Assault, “Operation “Bagration”, “Inhabited island”. In December 2008 Sour and his colleagues decided to make a MMO game about tanks, as in this niche was not popular products. Officially, the game started in Russia in August 2010.

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