The interior Ministry has confirmed a case of fraud in the former holding company

The main investigation Department of the Moscow interior Ministry opened a criminal case under article “fraud” (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), stated in the police response to the query. The editors were asked to comment appeared in the media information about the criminal case of fraud in one of the former structures of the holding.

The police report notes that investigators are checking information about the theft of “25% of the shares of organization operating in the field of telecommunications, the cost of 1 million rubles.” As outlined in the statement of the Ministry, in August 2014, “the unidentified person, being in one of the on tax inspections, provided for registration of fictitious documents”. On the basis of these documents was stolen a quarter of the shares of the company. The case was initiated on 29 April 2016, said the police did not elaborate on what kind of company is it and who is involved in the investigation.

In the afternoon of 11 may, the Agency RNS has published a copy of the notice of initiation, which indicated that we are talking about the theft of 25% of the company “BT”, which belonged to Alexander Panov and Yaroslav Carectomy. According to RNS, the statement to the police was filed by a former shareholder “Byte-Telecom” Alexander Panov.

As follows from statements of the holding company in 2014 sold its 75 percent stake in ZAO “Byte-Telecom for RUB 0 At the time of the transaction negative net assets amounted to RUB 12 million. Who was sold to the company, were not disclosed. According to base “SPARK-Interfax”, in 2015, “Byte-Telecom (the new name — OOO “Investproekt”), engaged in “activity in the field of telecommunications” and was attached to company “GORSE”, which later was also abolished (attached to the law of “Eustace”). Panov previously owned 12.5% of the “Byte-Telecom, the same share was owned by Karecki. The last statements are “Bytes-Telecom dates back to 2011.

The criminal case, said a spokesman of the holding Yegor Timofeyev. “On 24 September 2014 in the register of shareholders of JSC “Byte-Telekom” was recorded on the transfer of ownership of shares which constitute 75% of the share capital of CJSC “Byte-Telecom, from Karuta Investments Ltd. to Farida Karimova, said Timofeev. – The deal was completed in full accordance with the law. 29 Sep 2014 a resolution of the General meeting of shareholders of JSC “Byte-Telekom” were terminated the powers of the General Director — Igor Selivanov. We are ready to provide copies of documents confirming these events”.

Timofeev also noted that the lords have already spoken in the address on this issue, and therefore the holding has addressed in court for protection of business reputation. The court acknowledged Panov’s statements untrue.

“At the moment the lawyers are studying the possibility of filing a claim to Rambler News Service and Alexander Panov in connection with the publication of unverified and false information discrediting business reputation of the group of companies and its employees,” said Timofeev