The Kremlin drew attention to the contradictory information from the business

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists that the Kremlin drew attention to the fact that the report of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov “ready”, the correspondent . “Of course, it will be reported to the head of state”, — said the representative of the Kremlin.

However, he drew attention to the fact that the representatives of business associations, including chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) and the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP), has publicly announced “information of a different nature in comparison with the data of the business Ombudsman.

“There is enough conflicting data. We need to understand what information is more untrue,” — said Peskov.

May 10, wrote that Boris Titov is preparing to report to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the fact that last year was characterized by the strongest since the last humanization of the Criminal code, the pressure on the business. As stated in the draft report, which read , the number of cases of criminal prosecution of businessmen, has been steadily declining since 2008, in 2015 increased by 20%.

Titov, Putin made annual report on the state of entrepreneurship in Russia. This year the business Ombudsman intends to propose amendments to the penal (criminal code) and Criminal procedure (CPC) codes, which, he expects, will reduce the level of criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs.

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In the draft report Titov says that in 2015, law enforcement agencies have identified the maximum number of economic crimes since 2010 — 255,25 thousand, was initiated 234,62 thousand criminal cases. The number of registered crimes in all lineups was the highest since 2008 — 200,632 thousand In 2011, before the adoption of the fourth package of humanization of the criminal code and to select several compositions of 159 — only on the only existing article 159 of the registered 147,5 thousand crimes, the report said.

To correct the situation and reduce the burden on businesses, Titov will propose a number of measures. In particular, you will be prompted to change the system of inquiry and investigation by transferring the investigation of economic crimes under articles of the criminal code in one law enforcement Agency. Currently, these investigations are engaged in the interior Ministry, the FSB and the TFR.

Titov also will suggest to enter criminal punishment only on the second offense committed within a certain period after the first. In addition, the business Ombudsman proposes to increase three times the amount of damages for economic crimes, which will admit of large and extra large.