Twitter shut down the U.S. intelligence access analysis of user information

Twitter shut down the U.S. intelligence access to the service, analysing the entire flow of user information in the microblog, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A service that sends alerts about possible threats of terrorist attacks, rioting and other potentially important events based on user-published material is not available by Twitter, a private company Dataminr, about 5% of which is owned by Twitter.

The closure of access to special services to the service was not announced publicly, the WSJ notes, however, this information publication confirmed a senior source in American intelligence agencies and other sources familiar with the matter.

According to one of them, representatives of Dataminr recently told the intelligence agencies that the Twitter no longer intends to continue to provide them with access to the service. Another source told the WSJ noted that Twitter started to worry about the prying eyes of intelligence agencies through this “eye”.

According to the Twitter statement.Inc, placed in the microblog data is in the public domain, and the US government can access them just as any other user, writes the WSJ.

Earlier, a similar scandal occurred in the American company Apple. In early April it became known that Apple since 2008 has helped U.S. authorities to uncover at least 70 iPhone. First was the episode when the U.S. government turned to Apple during the investigation, cases involving sexual abuse of a child, the company went towards the Prosecutor’s office and “opened” smartphone.

However, in 2013 after the former US NSA employee Edward Snowden disclosed the surveillance of special services for citizens, the behavior of the Apple has changed. Wrote the WSJ, the company has increased the level of protection for its products and has at least 13 times the authorities refused to cooperate on access to user information.