Billionaire Rupert Murdoch was an investor of Uber

Australian media Mogul Rupert Murdoch owns a minority stake in Uber, the mobile operator of the same name of the taxi service. This is with reference to own sources on may 11 announced the portal Recode.

According to the newspaper, Murdoch, which controls the publisher of the newspaper the Wall Street Journal — a News Corp company. and Studio 21st Century Fox, including its Fox News channel (together these two companies are on the stock exchange more than $60 billion), Uber owns a small stake. However, even if a businessman owns 0.5% of the service that the asset is worth more than $300 million, Uber is the most expensive in the world to start — in the latest round of financing, the investors evaluated the application of $62.5 billion, reminiscent of Recode.

The name Murdoch’s personal fortune which Forbes magazine estimated at $12 billion, is not mentioned in the list of Uber shareholders because their shares he owns through one of its investment funds, sources told the portal. Representatives of the media Mogul, and Uber declined to comment.

According to one of the former employees of Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick in personal conversations with subordinates no secret that Murdoch is an investor in Uber.

For Australian billionaire equity investments in startup it looks unconventional, notes Recode. His previous attempt to diversify the business by technology companies has become, in recognition of the entrepreneur, “a huge mistake”: in 2005 the media Mogul has spent $580 million on the purchase of popular at that time social network MySpace, and six years later sold the failed project for $35 million

Kalanick is known for the ability to build good relationships with influential publishers in the Board of Directors Uber included Arianna Huffington, chief editor of the portal The Huffington Post and at the same time, a close friend of the founder of Uber. Its publication was once even accused of trying to silence the story, which could negatively affect the business reputation of Uber, reminds Recode.

Among investors, Uber has also billionaires from Russia. In September 2015, $300 million in Uber, and other startups have invested Chairman of the Board of Directors of group “the Sum” Ziyaudin Magomedov, in January 2016, it became known that tens of millions of dollars in a startup invested by the main shareholder USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov and its partners, in February of 2016 $200 million invested shareholders “the alpha-Groups” Michael Friedman, Herman Han and Alexey Kuzmichev.