Dilma Rousseff called themselves the removal from power a coup

“Maybe I made mistakes, but I didn’t commit crimes,” said Rousseff before you leave the presidential residence, the Palace of Planalto. The ouster of the head of state spoke to dozens of supporters who came to support it, reports Reuters. The process of impeachment of Rousseff called a “coup” and fraud.

According to Rousseff, she is confident that Brazilians will support her and she wins his fight against impeachment. At the same time, the President stressed that this struggle will be peaceful.

Rousseff mentioned that the new government will cut or stop the social programs. His removal from power called it “a tragic day for the young Brazilian democracy.”

Earlier on Thursday, may 12th, the upper house of the Brazilian Parliament, the Senate, by a majority of votes (55 vs 22) voted for the removal of Rousseff from power. Its powers would be suspended for six months. In addition, will begin a parliamentary investigation into the activities Rousseff (she is accused of embezzlement of budget). Responsibilities of the head of state instead of Rousseff, who served as President since 2011, will be executed by Vice-President Michel Temer.

In the case that the parliamentary Commission will come to the conclusion that Rousseff had indeed violated the law, the question of its final removal from power will again address the Senate.