Foreign companies in Britain will be obliged to disclose the ultimate owners of

Inostrannye companies that already own or want to buy property in the UK or uchastvuet in competitions for pravitelstvennye contracts will have to disclose the ultimate owners, said in a statement released by the office of the Prime Minister of the country David Cameron.

Foreign companies own about 100,000 objects in England and Wales. More than 44000 of them are in London, reads the statement of the Prime Minister’s office.

Companies will have to join the new public register of information on beneficiaries of ownership. The registry will be launched next month, she will become the first country of G20, which will take such a step. France, the Netherlands, Nigeria and Afghanistan also follows the example of the UK and will also create their own registers. Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Indonesia, Ireland and Georgia agreed to take the first steps towards the establishment of similar mechanisms.

“A new registry for foreign companies will mean that corrupt officials be denied vozmojnosti to maneuver, not able to launder and hide illicit funds through real estate market of London, and does not make a profit from our public funds”, — said in a statement.

“The evil of corruption permeates every corner of the world. It is the basis of the most urgent problems facing us — economic uncertainty, poverty, the omnipresent threat of radicalization and extremism,” — emphasizes the Prime Minister’s office Cameron.

The report also notes that in the UK, will create the world’s first international anti-corruption coordination centre, hosted in London. Sotrudnichat it with Britain will be the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Interpol. Experts, including from the National crime Agency, will provide international coordination and support to help law enforcement agencies from different countries to work together on the prosecution and punishment of corrupt elites and recovery of stolen assets.