Lukashenko, Medvedev was treated to birch juice and showed his home

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev held an informal meeting in the Belarusian agrogorodki Alexandria. This was reported on the official Internet portal of the President of Belarus.

The meeting lasted more than three hours. Lukashenko and Medvedev discussed bilateral relations between Russia and Belarus, economic cooperation and the international agenda and regional issues”. Lukashenka and Medvedev, according to the report, “treated with natural birch SAP, was photographed near his home to the Belarusian leader, as well as visited the Trofimova krynytsya”.

As can be seen from the photographs published on the website of the Belarusian leader, the meeting was also attended by Lukashenka’s son Nicholas.

Informal meeting of Medvedev and Lukashenka took place after the official events in Mogilev, where on Thursday, may 12, took place the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union state.

The last meeting of Lukashenka and Medvedev in an informal setting took place in late January in Sochi. At the same time they agreed about the last Thursday event. During the previous meeting, as noted on the official website of the Belarusian President, Minsk and Moscow have agreed to jointly overcome the “negative economic trend”. The interview questions were also raised about the state of trade turnover between the two countries and ways of increasing trade. In addition, if Lukashenko and Medvedev discussed bilateral relations and the results of the previous 29 January in Saint-Petersburg negotiations of the governments of Belarus and Russia.

In February of this year Alexander Lukashenko met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk on the eve of the meetings of the Supreme state Council of the Union state. How to write “Vedomosti”, at the beginning of the event Lukashenka confused Putin and Medvedev, mistakenly referring to the Russian leader: “Mr President”. However, he immediately recovered and added to the appeal addressed to the Russian President. Putin then reacted to a reservation Lukashenko phrase: “that’s Right, the money is all there.” He meant that the distribution of budgetary financing of deals with the Russian government. On the same day the Belarusian President during the official meetings, met with Medvedev and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Before, Lukashenka and Medvedev issued a public criticism of each other. In 2010, Russian television showed items with the accusations against Lukashenko, the Belarusian President said that the Russian leadership is engaged in the unfolding campaign against him. “This team Medvedev. Don’t know if this is supported by Putin, but I have information that he is the same position”, — said the President of Belarus (quoted by BelTA).

In response, Medvedev, who at that time held the post of the head of state, Lukashenko has advised to deal with internal problems of Belarus, stating that criticisms of the President of the Republic to Russia is part of his election campaign.