Putin said about necessity of creation of new Russian aircraft

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared about the necessity to create in Russia own regional aircraft on the background of difficulties with the delivery of passengers to the far East and Eastern Siberia. The prospects for the emergence of such a plane was held on Thursday, may 12, at a meeting on issues of development of aviation.

“I called you here to talk about the prospects of creation in Russia own regional jet, somewhere with a capacity of 50-60 passengers”, – quotes the President a press-service of the Kremlin.

The head of state pointed to the difficult situation with delivery of passengers in the far East and Eastern Siberia. “Often people have to fly to the neighboring regions via Moscow or via St. Petersburg. This is totally unacceptable, and for people creates difficulties, but also for the economy as a whole”, – said Putin, noting that such aircraft must have the capability of landing and takeoff from unpaved strips.

“At the time such aircraft were we have many, the Park was a large, widely used, but they are outdated, it makes no sense to come back to this. We need a new aircraft”, — said Putin.

The President also noted that Russia may buy such equipment abroad, as it has done until now. “But for a country like ours, of course, need your own car – with a vast territory like ours,” he said.

Meanwhile, Putin noted that if to create their own such aircraft, it must be “competitive in world markets”.

In turn, the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov said that the Ministry is considering three options for creating a regional aircraft.

“We are considering three main options [on the basis of which it can be created]. This Il-114, which used to be produced in Tashkent”, — Manturov was quoted by “RIA Novosti”. The second option, according to him, it’s An-140. The third option he called a joint Russian-Chinese project, turbo-propeller aircraft – MA-700.