Russia has spent on peacekeeping operations a third of a billion dollars

Russia has allocated for peacekeeping activities around 331 million dollars in 2015. This is stated in the annual report of the government, signed by Dmitry Medvedev on Russia’s participation in activities to maintain or restore international peace and security over the specified period of time (the document is available). According to the UN, this 3.15% of the total budget of peacekeeping operations 8.27 billion. Leaders-participants of the budget are the US (28.4 percent, 2.35 billion dollars), Japan (10.8 per cent, 893,2 million dollars) and France (7.22% or $ 597 million).

In addition, Russia has invested 61.8 million dollars in humanitarian programme of the United Nations. In the framework of the world food programme of the UN, Russia has delivered food worth $ 30 million. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan were assisted by 7 million dollars. Minimal assistance was sent to Somalia in the amount of $ 1 million. In addition, as noted in the report, Russia in 2015 has allocated $ 9.6 million on funding for sustainable school feeding in Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The government report States that in 2016-2018 year, Russia plans to increase its contribution to the total peacekeeping budget. According to the compilers of the report, it will help to strengthen the influence of Russia, and also will allow to send Russian peacekeepers in the leadership positions in the field of peacekeeping missions.

Russian peacekeepers participated in 9 of the 16 peacekeeping operations of the UN from April 2015 to March 2016. In peacekeeping operations was attended by 68 military observers and 22 employees of the interior Ministry of Russia.

The number of participants in UN peacekeeping operations from Russia corresponds approximately to the U.S. (82 peacemaker) and Germany (172 peacemaker).Most kontinget in 2015, provided such countries as Bangladesh (9.4 thousand military and police), Ethiopia (8 thousand people) and India (7.8 thousand). The total number of the UN peacekeeping force in March 2016 was 104,7 thousand people.

Peacekeeping missions in Russia since 2011 has not undergone strong changes, based on previously published reference of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. Slightly decreased representation in the peace corps in the Republic of Congo (30 military observers instead of 31 in 2011), Western Sahara (14 instead of 17), côte d’ivoire (11 instead of 12). Less is just peacekeepers in the UN mission in Kosovo — Russia there is only one policeman.

According to the draft presidential decree “On the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation”, published on April 11, peacekeeping tasks in the future will take the individual units of the national guard.

According to the head of the military forecasting Center Anatoly Tsygankov of the Russian authorities do not pay enough attention to peacekeeping operations. “We have in each division of the interior Ministry and the airborne a battalion to participate in peacekeeping operations, but they are not used” — says the expert. This is due, according to him, with the Kremlin’s lack of interest in such activities.

Agrees with him President of the Institute for strategic assessments Alexander Konovalov. “Russia is not very with hands to participate in peacekeeping operations, the government is looking for specific results. And to authorize that kind of action inside the UN security Council is hardly possible”, — says the expert. He notes that traditionally, all the major powers have interests in every corner of the world. Because of this, they are unable to adhere to the principle of non-involvement, because often interested in the victory of one side or another.

That is why Russia and other large countries prefer a more direct, but legitimized the actions, the expert continues. In Syria, where the Russian group videoconferencing is on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, Russia came at the invitation of the government of the country and not in the framework of the General arrangements of the United Nations. Achieving results motivates the government to actively invest in the operation, said Konovalov. For operation in Syria, according to Vladimir Putin spent 33 billion rubles, or about polumilliarda of dollars. In addition to the operations according to different data, were involved in up to 4 thousand people.